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one-on-one coaching & counselling

Each person’s process is, of course, unique. How we work together depends on what you’re hoping to accomplish, who you are and what works best for you—what lines of inquiry, exercises or practices help you access those parts of yourself you’d most like to explore and understand more deeply, where you’d like to grow.

What is common in my practice with everyone is a foundation of deep, compassionate listening and presence, along with a sincere and devout curiosity about each person’s journey towards becoming who they most long to be.

How our work together builds on this foundation is informed by many years of engagement with the underlying dynamics of identity and psychology, and shaped by the rich variety of therapeutic and spiritual techniques I’ve trained in, practiced and honed over the years. Together, we’ll grapple with questions and engage in exercises that help you to see through self-limiting narratives, into old wounds and past confining patterns. We’ll work to tap into your deeper levels of knowing to more fully discover your truest self, and to explore who you truly wish to become…

Just as importantly, if not more so, we’ll explore how to live in greater alignment with the personal truths you uncover. Beyond seeing and naming your truths (which is essential and beneficial in and of itself), in my work I hold an abiding orientation towards actualization. Together, we’ll identify concrete, realistic steps you can take to manifest these truths in your everyday life.


Please note:

I have done this work in many contexts, with many different kinds of people. I enjoy working with people from all types of backgrounds, whatever their identity, perspective or orientation (cultural, racial, gender, religious, secular, political…).

Also, if you’re looking for a uniquely focused opportunity to explore deep personal transformation, consider booking a private retreat.

“I have worked with Jonathan, on several occasions, related to specific life issues that I wished to resolve. His approach worked very well for me. The questions that he asked left me with a strong sense of confidence in my own ability to see through my overwhelm in these areas. I felt safe and completely in partnership with him, which allowed me to wholly engage with the questions, cut through the noise and gain clarity.”
— Hannah B., Salt Spring Island