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communication coaching & facilitation

I’ve had a unique set of experiences that help me to engage in innovative work with couples and groups on relational communication and transformation, on deepening mutual understanding and empathy.

I spent the past several years bringing people together from both sides of one of the world’s fiercest conflicts. Though the wounds and triggers on both sides (figurative and literal) are devastating and deep-rooted, I’ve seen magic happen. Working with people to help them truly encounter one another, to truly see and hear each other, I’ve born witness to decades of fear, anger and resentment melting away in the face of mutual understanding. I’ve been blessed to watch compassion, empathy and even affection blossom in their place.

Beyond dialogue, counselling and coaching, I’ve also spent more than 20 years working as a facilitator in other diverse contexts. I’ve worked with local communities, non-profit organizations, government officials at all levels, international policy-makers, activists, academics, student groups and kids. I’ve helped communities and groups to explore and establish common purpose—to think, choose and act together more creatively and effectively.

Now that my family and I have moved back to North America, I’m taking the new methods and wisdom I’ve gathered over the past several years and bringing them to bear in work with couples and families, helping them to foster deeper mutual understanding, compassion and loving partnership. I offer ongoing communication coaching, as well as private communication workshops, which can be held either in my office or the comfort of your own home.

I am also excited to work with organizations and communities not only on effective communication, but also on facilitating strategic vision, decision-making and cooperation.

I work in person or virtually, and can also craft custom-designed retreats for individuals, couples, families or intimate groups.

Please be in touch to discuss.

“Jonathan expertly eased our way forward by offering gentle, compassionate and clear eyes, heart, and ears, as my husband and I began to soften in our communication with each other. His experience shined as he gave voice and attention to issues we would not have been able to see on our own. His presence is so precise, his heart is wide open, and the loving way with which he gives words and wisdom to conflict are true gifts.”
— Maria R., Salt Spring Island