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When coaching or counselling, I prefer to let sessions follow their own natural course and timeline—to have the work determine the timeframe rather than vice versa. In my experience, the standard one-hour session can sometimes be just enough time to approach the heart of a matter, but often not enough to take its pulse and fully discover all the lessons it may have for your life. With individuals, I generally find that an hour and a half is the sweet spot—just enough time to follow things where they need to go, but not so much as to flirt with emotional fatigue. If 90 minutes doesn’t work for you for whatever reason, then I’m ready of course to find the best way to arrange our sessions so you get everything you need from our time together. There are many ways we can make that happen.

With couples and families, at least for the first session, it’s often necessary to schedule things a bit longer. We need the time to identify challenging issues, and to see and understand them from two or more sides…

Regarding private communication workshops, there are a variety of options depending on your needs and interests. Please be in touch to discuss.


Rates are on a sliding scale, depending on ability to pay.


If you are on or near Salt Spring Island, then I’d love to meet with you in person. If not, then I’m happy to work with you online, preferable on Skype. Phone is also a possibility.