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Sometimes the healthiest way to move forward is to take a big step back and put things in perspective.

There are few practices that can be as rejuvenating and transformative, that can provide as profound an opportunity to gain that perspective, as a retreat: getting away from it all—context, routines, even people—and taking the time to become still, get quiet and go inwards, to reflect and re-evaluate things from the ground up.

When you combine this practice with compassionate coaching and facilitation, natural comfort and nourishing organic food, along with the possibility of private yoga sessions and world-class massage, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more healing, transformative experience. That is, until you add being on the flawless natural jewel that is Salt Spring Island. With its pristine forests, waterways, mountains and beaches, there are few places like it on earth. When you put all that together, you get an opportunity for self-reflection and renewal that is, as the saying goes of British Columbia, “Super Natural.”

I’ve been a facilitator for more than twenty years, a counsellor and life-coach for more than ten. I’ve led transformative workshops at some of the world’s leading centers for personal growth. My wife Raina is a yoga instructor, a holistic nutritionist, and an extraordinarily gifted massage therapist. We’d be honoured and delighted to craft a tailor-made retreat for you here on magical Salt Spring. Together, we are happy to host an experience that just might change your life.

Whether for an individual, couple, family or intimate group, please be in touch to discuss the possibility of a bespoke retreat.*


*We can even arrange childcare if you want to come with your kids!