Who Am I?

There is almost nothing that makes me feel as alive, present and engaged as I do when working with people to help them see themselves, their relationships and their place in the world more deeply, profoundly and honestly.

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I’ve been a counsellor and coach for more than ten years, a group facilitator for more than twenty.  Until recently, I spent much of my career engaged in one of the most challenging possible contexts: facilitating dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians.

Before working in the Middle East, I lived at a monastic hermitage on the Pacific coast. From there, I worked with individuals as a coach and counsellor, taught, and led workshops across the United States. Before leaving to work abroad, this culminated in leading a month-long workshop at the Esalen Institute called Transforming Ourselves, Transforming the World.

Over the years, I have trained in, practiced and facilitated a range of communication skills, counselling modalities and therapeutic techniques. These include Gestalt therapy, pastoral counselling, life coaching, conflict mediation and resolution, Non-Violent Communication and more. I first undertook formal training in group and community facilitation more than twenty years ago, and have worked with countless groups in diverse contexts since. All of these practices inform my work.

I have also studied and taught a number of spiritual practices aimed at deep self-inquiry and transformation. I first began practicing meditation more than thirty years ago, and yoga more than twenty-five. As an undergraduate at McGill University, my area of academic concentration was Buddhist metaphysics, and over the decades since I have continued to explore the underlying mechanisms of psychology, self and identity. I’ve also spent many years engaged in the study and teaching of Jewish mysticism and associated transformative practices. In my work as a teacher and facilitator I have used these traditional practices as a springboard to develop my own unique methods for helping people to tap into their own deepest knowing.

Just as importantly, I have a profound orientation towards translating these spiritual insights into practical reality. Before facilitating dialogue in the Middle East, I earned a graduate degree in Public Policy from Harvard and spent more than a decade working with local, national and international organizations involved in hunger and homelessness issues.

I recently relocated to Salt Spring Island, British Columbia with my family, and have already found great success taking the innovations I’ve learned and developed working at the emotional cutting edge of advanced conflict, and applying them in this new context. I bring all of my training and life experience to bear in supporting couples and groups to develop deeper communication, mutual understanding and compassion, and facilitating individuals in their process of self-transformation and becoming.

It is always a profound honour to work with people on becoming their most fully actualized selves—whoever they may be, wherever they may find themselves in the process. If you find anything here that is resonant, or about which you find yourself curious, I’d be honoured to explore working with you. I work with couples, families and groups, as well as individuals. I also lead custom designed retreats. Please be in touch.